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INtrust solutions with extensive experience and network of partnerships that have an important contribution as a consultant you in proper use of funding opportunities in your business, offering quality services covering:

  • Information and guidance to absorb as many funds from development programs
  • A study and proposal
  • The Feasibility Study - Business plan (where required)
  • Submission dossier - a proposal to the relevant bodies
  • Support the proposal to the evaluation stages
  • Project management
  • Administrative monitoring - Scheduling / coordination actions
  • Communication with entities - Monitoring progress of projects
  • Audit reports and management accounts - Participation in audits to be undertaken


Small and Medium business is now the backbone of the Greek economy.Constitute 92% of the business of the country and have a greater need for support than large firms, only trying to outdo the competition everyday.

The INtrust solutions has specialized expertise and experience and can undertake for your business:

  • Develop and Implement Business Plan
  • Design and implementation of financial planning
  • Development and implementation support borrowing strategy
  • Organization
  • Marketing
  • Contact
  • Developing Business Partnerships and Networks

INtrust solutions

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