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Sun is an infinite source of renewable energy, which can be efficiently exploited, especially nowadays with all current technological development. The benefits regarding environment, economy and society are huge and concern the entire world and planet.

The purchase of solar energy brings new investment opportunities where everyone can take advantage. Intrust solutions may be the appropriate assistant and consultant in this new business either for investors or for individuals.
So if you want an investment with high and stable performance in a country renowned for its sun, while contributing to environment protection, then Intrust solutions is your first choice. “Solar roofs” program in Greece is among the best in Europe.

It is time for those being interested in to invest, in particular this season that dominates uncertainty in every investment field. The investment is guaranteed for 25 years, reaping huge benefits for individual-investor and also helping environment protection. “Solar roofs” program concerns residential consumers and small businesses who wish to install solar systems up to 10kWp on roofs and terraces.

To join the program, clients should own the building where the solar system will be placed. For the connection, PPC will install a new energy meter to record energy generated. All output electricity is supplied to the network and producer gets paid with 0,5225 €/kWh (2012), while buying price of electricity is 0,11 €/kWh. Moreover, the individual-investor is not considered as a trader, therefore he is exempt from opening records to the IRS and the income is free of taxes. The duration of the program is until 31/12/2019.

Terms and Conditions
1. Roof or terrace ownership
2. PPC account in the owner’s name
3. Building permission
4. Solar water-heater
5. Adequate space
6. Clear space
7. Free of shadings space
8. Appropriate orientation (↑South)
9. Appropriate inclination (25°-30°)


• EU has set a target until 2020 of reaching 20% of energy produced from renewable sources. In Greece are located approximately one million solar water-heaters (too large number compared to the rest of Europe). Many small producers of “green energy” constitute the ideal solution for the future supply of electricity and especially in cases that the security of power supply is crucial.

• The maximum production of solar energy coincides with daily peaks in energy demand (especially during summer months), thereby assisting to normalize the peak load, avoid black-out and reducing the total cost of electricity, since the coverage of these peaks is extremely costly.

• Solar systems create 20 times more jobs than the lignite for the same energy production.

• A typical solar system of 1kWp prevents the release of 1,3ton of carbon dioxide each yea, amount absorbed by 2.000m2 of forest.

• Fixed and guaranteed return of investment for 25 years.

• Tax-free income from the sale of produced energy.

• Fixed and guaranteed return on investment for 25 years.

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