Solar Parks

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Solar parks can be considered as industrial power plants which use solar radiation as raw material and transform it into electricity (current).

The success of solar park is based on many factors. INtrust solutions can assist its clients to implement an efficient and optimized project, not only technically but also financially. We can design an optimal solution that combines low losses, maximum power and optimum performance.

Since 2006, Greece has dynamically entered the “renewable energy sources” area, with solar energy playing a key role. The legislative background of recent years, combined with the reliability of this investment, pushed the development of more and more solar power stations.

Recent legislation simplifies the permitting process and highlights the need to continue the implementation of such projects, thus enabling to new investors to set up a solar park. The new legislative framework also accelerates the process of licensing for older investors, who had submitted applications to the network administrator, as for professional farmers to invest in photovoltaics with highly concessive terms.

Due to geographical position, Greece provides ideal conditions for use of solar radiation. Already from the earliest projects revealed the dynamic of the program and investments. Today, investments in solar energy are particularly attractive because of certain performance for both state and investors.

The supply and installation of the solar system are free of taxes and the selling price is guaranteed for 20 years.

The duration of the program is until 31/12/2019.

INtrust solutions is here to inform you, help you in licensing process and deliver to you such an investment.

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