Business Industrial Roofs

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Business or industrial roofs” program is an investment that offers companies a guaranteed annual income, while enhances their environmental profile. In other words, it program combines the direct financial benefits with the ecologic protection of the planet.

The program relates with professional and industrial roofs and the installation procedure is free from bureaucratic burdens. Furthermore, there is no need of investor owning the site, as long as the contract of lease exceeds the duration of the contract agreement with PPC (20 years).

The process of joining the system requires the company only to obtain the tender conditions and sign an irrevocable 20 year contract with the system administrator. INtrust solutions undertakes all necessary procedures, such as feasibility and financial study, banking, supply and installation of the solar system, preparation and submission of all papers required for permission. INtrust solutions guarantees the security and performance of the solar system.

The selling energy price is multiple of the buying price and it depends from the power of the system and the region. The income from the energy generated can either be offset against the energy consumed either be credited to the bank account of the company.

For the connection, PPC will install a new energy meter to record energy generated. All output electricity is supplied to the network. The supply and installation of the solar system are free of taxes and the selling price is guaranteed for 20 years. The duration of the program is until 31/12/2019.

INtrust solutions undertakes the whole procedure and delivers a “turn key” project.
The basic procedure consists of the following steps:
1. Application to PPC
2. Connection contract
3. Compensation contract
4. Installation of solar system
5. Activation and connection

1. Roof or terrace ownership
2. PPC account in the owner’s name
3. Building permission
4. Solar water-heater (houses)
5. Adequate space
6. Clear space
7. Free of shadings space
8. Appropriate orientation (↑South)
9. Appropriate inclination (25°-30°)

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